Amateur expirament demonstrates
how reflective filament might prolong
life of a glacier by approx. 2 decades
'Glacier Guardians' wrap a vertical glacier - trying to save it until man comes to his senses and starts reversing global warming.
The Earth's supply of fresh water dwindles rapidly. There are those who are convinced this is due to man made global warming. On the other hand I know people holding responsible positions including a self made fellow who runs one of the world's largest mining enterprises; they say: "this sort of thing happens every twenty thousand years or so, no one's to blame and it will correct itself in its own time."
Guess we educators have a lot to answer for: permitting so many decision makers to go half educated.
Note: The water that quenches five hundred million of us comes from glaciers in nearby mountains. The mighty Amazon starts off as a glacier stream in Peru.
And the water that is starting to raise oceans above their sea walls is being released from melting glaciers at the Earth's north and south poles.